My Areas of Expertise

Herbal Medicine

Herbalism or herbal medicine is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is still widely practiced today. Modern medicine makes use of many plant-derived compounds as the basis for evidence-based pharmaceutical drugs. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80 percent of the population of some Asian and African countries presently use herbal medicine for some aspect of primary health care.


Acupuncture is based on the premise that a blockage or disturbance in the flow of the body's life energy, or “qi,” can cause health issues. Acupuncturists insert hair-thin needles to specific acupuncture points throughout the body to restore the flow of qi, balance the body's energy, stimulate healing, and promote relaxation.

Health Counselor

Health & Wellness counselors are health educators that assess the needs of their clients, educate people about health topics and teach people how to cope with health conditions. They may also provide training for other health care professionals.

My 8 Pillars Approach To Health & Wellness

The Eight Pillars model is a holistic model of health that seeks to provide a clear map to guide us through the confusion of a modern life and its challenges to a lived experience of aliveness, deep health, and vitality.


This approach to life offers a clearer picture of what health really is: a body that is alive and energized and a mind and soul that are awake, connected, and fulfilled.  

In order to be considered "well," it is imperative that none of these areas are  neglected.  I am a dedicated seeker of truth, especially in health. As a clinical practitioner and health counselor my primary aim is to help my clients expand their capacity to experience an expansive & full life. My pursuit of understanding health spans multiple disciplines, with formal training in herbal medicine, acupuncture, physical trainer, as well as a CFE with an MBA..​


The Eight Pillars of Wellness

  • Physical.

  • Emotional.

  • Intellectual.

  • Social.

  • Spiritual.

  • Environmental.

  • Occupational.

  • Financial

The 8 Pillars considers wellness as a holistic approach, and offers simple, practical tools for living a healthier, and more fulfilling life by prioritizing your own self-care. This includes developing resilience against negative emotions, getting enough sleep, and laughing more often. In a sense, the 8 Pillars will take you “back to the basics” or necessities for your well being.

My pursuit and study of holistic health has been my guide for many years and has led me on a fantastic journey of understanding that I am so very grateful for. It continues to unfold and reveal itself in many layers of commingled simplicity and complexity.

A Half Hour Session is $49.00


A One Full Hour Session is $99.00


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